I’m originally from Australia and have been teaching English as a foreign language since 1990, in Spain, France and Italy. Initially I taught in schools and academies, including the British Council School in Madrid as well as universities such as the School of Industrial Organisation (EOI).


Later in 1998 I worked as a freelancer, teaching business English in companies as well as general English my own centre and private homes. I first started giving lessons via skype in 2012 and decided to specialise in this format thereafter finding it highly effective in terms of learning and efficient in saving time.


My students come from a variety of backgrounds with often very different goals.    

Some need to prepare for an exam to study or work in an English speaking country. Others wish to prepare a presentation or job interview or improve their speaking and listening skills to participate in meetings. Some just want to learn for the pleasure of speaking a foreign language or perhaps to feel confident when travelling abroad.

It is the diversity of people and their goals which I most enjoy about teaching English. I think my own experience of learning languages has also helped me to be a better teacher. Without doubt, the key to learning a language is time and exposure but some techniques are more effective than others and can speed up the process of learning. If you decide to take classes with me, I’m sure I can help you to make rapid progress towards achieving your goals.