Speak English with your English teacher online

Hi, my name’s Paul Kelly, a qualified teacher and native English speaker with a wealth of experience teaching English as a foreign language.

By doing classes with me, you’ll learn to speak English more fluently and confidently.

Online English classes via skype provide students with a great deal of flexibility and comfort as they can be done anywhere; all you need is your computer or mobile device.

With Online Classes, it will be as if your English teacher was with you at home, at your workplace, on holidays, or wherever you are, personally supervising your English learning.


Quality Classes in real time

Our classes take place in real time with a high quality audio and video connection which allows us to speak to one another as if we were together in the same room.  Connecting is very easy. Skype is a free programme which is very intuitive and easy to use.


Group Class Option

You can choose to do individual classes if you prefer but I also offer the option of group classes which are great value for money. By learning in small groups (maximum 3 persons) you will be able to interact with other students and participate in a dynamic learning environment at half the cost.

Highly Effective methodology

The methodology used in classes by skype is exactly the same as for classes in person. We practice the four essential skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing – just as we would in a face to face class. Most importantly, classes are adapted to the needs of each student, their current level and their particular objectives.


Comfortable method of payment

Unlike most online courses, you do not need to pay in advance for your English classes. Students doing individual classes can pay at the end of the month while students doing group classes can pay anytime between the 1st and the 20th of each month. You may pay either via paypal or via bank transfer.


Self study material

An important part of learning a language is self study, the learning we do outside the classroom. You will be advised on the best way to improve your English outside class time and you will be provided with a wide range of materials at no extra cost which will help you to consolidate your learning in between classes.


Most of all, doing classes via skype means you do not waste time and money travelling. You can do them from the comfort of your own home at a time which fits in with your weekly schedule. And even if you are away on a business trip, you can still do the class.  English classes via skype means English classes from anywhere.