Acerca de Paul Kelly, Profesor Inglés Online

Paul Kelly presentation


I’m originally from Australia and have been teaching English as a foreign language for over 20 years. I first began teaching in Spain and then spent one year in Rome before returning to Spain again to undertake a teacher-training course. Upon completion I obtained a job with the British Council School in Madrid, where I remained for five years, teaching adults and young learners. Later, I taught business English to students studying for their MBA at the EOI (School of Industrial Organisation).


The next step in my career was to become self employed. As a freelance teacher, I taught classes in Companies, courses at Universities and also gave private lessons to people in their homes.


In 2012, I began giving English classes via skype as an experiment. I found it to be a highly effective form of teaching and a great alternative to the traditional face to face classes. I have since specialized in this form of teaching and I am greatly enjoying the many possibilities which have opened up as a result.


As well as teaching English, I have a great interest in learning languages myself. I speak Spanish fluently and can get by in Italian.


At the moment, I’m studying French and enjoying it very much.  I think that my own experience as a learner has helped me become a better teacher as a result


One of the things I most enjoy about teaching is being able to get to know very different kinds of people from all walks of life. If you decide to do English classes with me, I’m sure you will feel very comfortable and make a lot of progress with your English in a short space of time.