If you would like to sit an English exam, classes will be tailored to meet your specific requirements. After assessing your current level with regards to speaking, listening, reading, and writing, we will work on strengthening the areas you most need to improve and practising the skills you require to pass the exam.

For those who wish to improve their English for professional reasons (interviews, presentations, negotiations in English, writing correction etc), classes will be adapted accordingly.

Apart from passing an exam or improving professional skills, many students opt to learn English simply for pleasure. Learning a foreign language is worthwhile even if there are no specific goals to achieve. Being able to communicate in English can open all kinds of doors by expanding your capacity to communicate with others. As for any complex skill which we would like to master, if learning is pleasurable, we will advance more quickly. In such cases, we focus on speaking and listening skills using a wide range of materials. You will grow in confidence when speaking English, build your vocabulary and improve your ability to understand others, doing activities which are fun and stimulating.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to improve your English, classes at Profesor Ingles Online will help you achieve your goals.

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